Brain FX assessment tool article:

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) tools have been around for many years now and have proven quite effective in identifying the barriers to a safe and successful return to work. This has enabled health professionals to focus on those modalities and treatments that will best assist an impaired individual to return to work.

The “holy grail” that health professionals have been seeking for some time is a Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA), which would basically provide the same data for individuals who have suffered a brain trauma, or who in general have mild to moderate cognitive deficits.

Recently SOS Resource Group came across such a tool, developed by a company called BrainFx. Brainfx is the brain child (sorry about the pun) of co-creators Tracy Milner and Heather Condello. Tracy and Heather are Occupational Therapists who based the assessment on over a decade of frontline clinical experience and research, and the feedback of over 40 frontline professionals from multiple disciplines.

Download the full article here (PDF).